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Broken package status? Some very old. ccheney- would you like some help?

Hi Chris,

1st: Thanks for your great work!

On 0205 you wrote about some of the kde packages mentioned on 

I looked at that page today and have noted before each (below) the number of
days old it is:

> > Subject: What is keeping 'kde' metapackage out of Woody?
> > Q: And, where exactly in the Debian package system database web infopages
> > can this info be found?  
> See this and look at kdelibs:
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/update_excuses.html
> summary:
> 14 kdeadmin -> rpm -> doesn't build on m68k currently (will be fixed RSN)
> 44 kdegraphics -> bad NMU
> 31 kdelibs -> depends on glib1.3 (will be removed when I upload package)
> 29 kdenetwork -> build failed on hppa (patch avail and will be applied)
> 51 kdepim -> has RC bugs
> 40 kdeutils -> bad NMU
  52 meta-kde

> > > > I guess the relevant item here is "meta-kde", right?
> > > 
> > > Yes, all packages that are built from a source have to go into testing
> > > (woody) at the same time.
> > 
> > > > Yow!  That looks like a _lot_ of work needing to be done on meta-kde!
> > > > All those things have to go away before meta-kde can get intoW,right?
> > > 
> > > It isn't as bad as it looks, currently the reason it is being held outI
> > > believe is due to a bad NMU that was numbered as a source NMU insteadof
> > > binary only NMU.  With the next upload of the various packages that Ido
> > > it should fix that problem.
> > 
> > When do you think you will have that next upload done?
> Hopefully within this next week. There are some other changes I want to
> make along with fixing that issue.

Some of those numbers are way past 10 days.

I'm wondering how progress is going on them.  

I want you to know I am not complaining about your effort.  I don't complain
about volunteers.  And, especially in your case, where you jumped right into
this effort, and are still "new on the job."

I also know that "within this next week" is not up yet, and that furthermore
that was a rough estimate you were making.

But I _am_ a litle concerned that those ages are so much longer than 10 days.
 It is unfortunate for potential kde in woody users that the packages aren't
there yet.  And, it could possibly begin to give the kde on Debian group a
reputation for being slow to get things done.

Given all the responsibilities you mentioned in a previous post that you have
(and I know you were just telling us about your background, not complaining),
I'm thinking you may not be able to devote the time to these problems that is
necessary to solve them promptly.

So, I'm wondering 
1) How long, in days, do you estimate it will be before those problems are
2) If it will be more than a few (maybe 2-7) days, could some of those
problem fixing tasks be handled by someone else here, in parallel with your
effort on others of those?  If so, would you tell us which ones you'd like to
see if someone else could fix?

If you could offload some of those tasks, and if someone(s) here could solve
them, it would be more progress for KDE & KDE users.  :)

(PS: My contribution to this situation is to raise awareness of it.  I would
not be able to fix any of those problems myself now.)

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