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Re: portable mirror?

On Thursday 07 February 2002 20:46, JC Portlock wrote:
> Hey folks.
> With Woody changing as rapidly as it is, the update/upgrades are killing
> me. I'm looking for the best program to allow me to take a laptop to where
> I can get some bandwidth, download what I need for my home system onto the
> laptop, and then update/upgrade from the laptop to the desktop.  (My home
> system  is dialup only).
I've always found apt-zip quite useful, it should be possible to use it with 
you're laptop too:  suppose you have some directory on your laptop mounted 
via nfs then you might try
 apt-zip-list --skip-mount -m /mnt/laptop -a dist-upgrade -o tar=tar
then fetch the packages with the newly created script and back at home do an
 apt-zip-inst --skip-mount -m /mnt/laptop -a dist-upgrade
and your dist-upgrade should be finished :-)
you could do the same with single packages, via
 apt-zip-list --skip-mount -m /mnt/zip -p {all the packages you want :-)}
the rest should be as described above.

Yven J. Leist - leist@beldesign.de

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