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Re: Distibutions (was KDE Debian distribution)

On Thursday 21 Feb 2002 9:34 am, Gregor Zeitlinger wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Jens Benecke wrote:
> > > > 	A) Preloading. Persuade Dell or Compaq to load Linux
> > > > on *ALL* machines (and sell Windows as an optional
> > > > upgrade).
> > >
> > > That helps for business machines.
> >
> > It helps for everyone. Not only Dell and Compaq, but also
> > companies like Staples, Walmart, MediaMarkt and whatever
> > should preload Linux on their computers, and offer
> > Windows as an optional upgrade.
> Just a few days ago, I read that Dell stopped shipping
> preloaded Linux machines because of low demand.

I asked them to ship me a laptop without windows and they 
just plain refused. (Dell UK). Actually, I prefer to install 
myself (using a debian image from a lab-wide CD image); 
perhaps that's why nobody wanted it.

Actually, they have just lost the contract ot supply us big 
time.  Quote for a dual proceessor machine with 1GB RAM and 
about 40GB SCSI drive came in at c. £4700, eventually sourced 
same spec machine for £1800 (with Athlons in it -- even 
faster!)  Even if the service I get stinks (which it hasn't 
so far -- it has been great), at that price differential I 
can just buy two of everything.

That said, I have absolutely no complaints about the laptop, 
which runs sid/kde very well, except I've not sorted out the 
sleep mode properly (close the lid when it's on battery and 
it crashes; suspend behaves itself but you loose sound).


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