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Re: KreateCD and mpg123

Op vrijdag 8 februari 2002 14:35, schreef Christophe Prud'homme:
> [Berteun Damman    Friday 08 February 2002 08:20 am]:
>    | Some more info:
>    |
>    | And when I try to add mp3 files to an audio CD kreatecd says it
>    | is an unknown format, wav and ogg are supported though.
> Ok thanks I will have a look
> can you fill a bug report on http://bugs.debian.org

I've looked and I think there's a bug report allready there. It's 
number 132790, (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=132790)

> I'll forward these problems to the kreatecd mailing list if it
> appears that it is a kreatecd problem and not related to the package

I just downloaded the source from www.kreatecd.de and compiled it, and 
with the compiled version adding mp3's works. (And ogg's and wav's too).

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