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Chris - Please post a brief status message about KDE-Debian to the list

Chris - would you please post a very brief status message to the list
twice a week, telling readers what the status of your kde packaging
effort is, and what potential problems installers might encounter,
and how to get around those problems?  Those few minutes of you time
would save many many hours of the list's reader's time.

I'm sure you are very busy, and probably need another thing to do like
you'd need a hole in the head.  But, it would really be a big help. 
I hope you can fit it into your schedule.  Please at least once per
week, if twice is not possible.

Thank you for your work.  :)

STATUS:  "kde" has been uninstallable for about a week.  :(

It appears the kde metapackage has been been uninstallable for about
a week.  ccheney also hasn't responded to my status request for more
than a week.  I regard this as bad.  I'd hope ccheney could post a status
message for the kde packages at least once, better twice, a week,
in order to save debian-kde list reading installers many hours of
each having to "re-discover" problems on their own.

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