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Re: Distibutions (was KDE Debian distribution)


On Wednesday 20 February 2002 01:31 pm, Jens Benecke wrote:

> Plus, Microsoft has started a really big FUD campaign about the GPL,
> which makes many vendors uneasy. At the same time they put stuff like
> "we have a right to know what is on your harddisk" in the EULA, and
> nobody seems to notice ...

At least I'm not the ONLY soul alive that noticed this and had alarm
flags/bells/whistles go off in his head!!

	I'm just a lowly American pion, but isn't Illegal sill illegal??? Why is
this company still allowd to do business??? What do they (M$) {or we the
users} have to do to get this elivated to the Omsa Bin Laden level?? How much
longer are we going to allow this company who's illegal (AND immoral) actions
threaten the world???!!!???

Jens, next time yer in the U.S., beer/dinner/whatever is on me! Thanks for
saying what I've felt for too long. (and yes, i fight them {personally} in
every way I can [including no longer supporting any of their 'server

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