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Re: Distibutions (was KDE Debian distribution)

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 14:33, Michel Loos wrote:
> > 	B) Games. Kids had absolutely no problems spending WEEKS trying
> > 	   to customize CONFIG.SYS, installing new memory managers,
> > 	   hacking their system to get more free RAM, just for DOOM to
> > 	   be 0.2% faster.
> > 	   They will become the ultimate Linux cracks if the goal is
> > 	   there. You just can't impress a 13-old with an ultra-fast
> > 	   and stable Apache.
> >
> > 	   I couldn't care less about games, but I know a LOT of people
> > 	   who would switch to Linux today if they could play games
> > 	   there.
> 100% correct. Apple lost the Macintosh-PC war because most of the games
> running on "serious" machines (that was the time where there were a lot
> of 8bit home computers + the Amiga as pure diversion computers) came out
> on PC before (if ever) on Mac.
> When Games will be put on the market at the same timeon Linux and
> Windows. Linux will win, because in addition it is more "serious".

Still I think also OLD games should be playable under linux, I'd still
like to play games from the 80's once in a while. I have an old pentium
for that at the moment. I have tried to run them under dosemu, but boy
is that slow. Simcity is not al all playable. Larry I won't even walk
two steps in a minute! 


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