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Re: Where is KwinTV? Again.

John Gay wrote:

> On Sunday 03 February 2002 01:41, Michael Hoodes wrote:
> > I think the story of KwinTV is documented here.  Myself?
> > I run quite happily for years - xawtv.  
> Yes, I've tried and used xawtv. As a plain X application, it is quite good, 
> but I'm looking for the KDE version that fits in with the rest of my desktop.
> >
> > I don't know why kde is moving forward with KwinTV ?... I'll try
> > it again like I have done in the past but I always go back to xawtv!
> >
> Because xawtv is good, but it's still a plain X application, with the poor 
> motif-type decorations and looks rather poor on a KDE desktop.

Hmm, I don't get it.  I also like the look and feel of my KDE desktop,
but I think that xawtv fits in perfectly.  In fact, I've tried both
kwintv and zapping (GNOME tv application) and was disappointed by the

I've noticed that I don't really like any menus and toolbars and such
for my tv application.  With xawtv, I get a window with the tv image and
once I get the remote working (I'm missing the infrared connector
cable), it's exactly like a tv set.  Which is exactly what I want!

So xawtv is not only adequate, it's perfect!

But then again, tastes differ, so it's no point arguing.  :)

Viktor Rosenfeld
WWW: http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~rosenfel/

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