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Re: Install kde in Sid fails - depends libkmid... - How fix?

Thanks!  One quick question as I start to work on your suggestion:

--- Brian Bilbrey <bilbrey@orbdesigns.com> wrote:
> I ran into this last weekend. The problem at that time was that libkmid
> is dependent explicitly on libglib1.3-12. That's not available any more,
> being superceded by libglib1.3-13. What I did was track down a copy of
> libglib1.3-12xxxx.deb, and manually install it using dpkg. THEN I
> installed libkmid, then I installed KDE.

Assume for the moment my situation turns out to have a similar problem,
and I am able to determine what the ultimate depends failure is, how do I
track down a copy of the file I'll need?  Ie, specifically, where (on what
http or ftp) servers would I look to find it?

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