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Koi8-r font problems.

I'm having problems using the Koi8-r character set. I'm learning 
Russian currently so I decided to install the mueller dictionary for 

The Mueller dictionary has been installed and working fine trough my 
own dictd. However, the entries are in Koi8-r format, this shouldn't be 
a problem because xfstt can generate koi8-r font mappings. So i've 
modified /etc/init.d/xfstt to generate koi8-r font mappings.

If I run xterm -fn  '-ttf-courier 
new-medium-r-normal-regular-0-0-0-0-m-0-koi8-r', things are working 
fine, the output of dict <word> appears in a russian font where 

Konsole however doesn't seem to be able to use the koi8-r character 
set. I use KControl to select the Courier New with koi8-r encoding for 
Konsole, but it doesn't use that one. When I try to modify the font 
within Konsole the Courier New koi8-r isn't even there! 

Other KDE apps like KEdit, Kate aren't working either, when I open a 
textfile encoded in koi8-r they won't display the Russian characters. 
Only Konqueror shows them.

KDict seems to ignore the Russian characters from dictd alltogether, 
only squares appear and pasting the output into a hexeditor reveals 
that all russian characters are translated to 0x00. 

Does anyone know how this is possible and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

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