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Re: Distibutions (was KDE Debian distribution)

> Two things need to be done:
> 	A) Preloading. Persuade Dell or Compaq to load Linux on *ALL*
> 	   machines (and sell Windows as an optional upgrade).

That helps for business machines.

> 	B) Games. Kids had absolutely no problems spending WEEKS trying
> 	   to customize CONFIG.SYS, installing new memory managers,
> 	   hacking their system to get more free RAM, just for DOOM to
> 	   be 0.2% faster.
> 	   They will become the ultimate Linux cracks if the goal is
> 	   there. You just can't impress a 13-old with an ultra-fast 
> 	   and stable Apache.
> 	   I couldn't care less about games, but I know a LOT of people
> 	   who would switch to Linux today if they could play games
> 	   there.

100% correct. Apple lost the Macintosh-PC war because most of the games
running on "serious" machines (that was the time where there were a lot
of 8bit home computers + the Amiga as pure diversion computers) came out
on PC before (if ever) on Mac.

When Games will be put on the market at the same timeon Linux and
Windows. Linux will win, because in addition it is more "serious".


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