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packages tasksel expects to find in woody, that arn't there

Tasksel expects to find a bunch of packages in woody that arn't there.
This is not often a big deal; the missing packages will be silently
skipped. That can sorta suck if it is one of the core packages in the
task though.

Of particular note is the missing KDE metapackage, which means
that new woody installs do not get KDE at all, although tasksel claims
to let you pick it as part of the desktop task. Someone needs to begin
maintaining that package, fix its dependancy problems, and get it into
woody posthaste.

No cxterm-gb!
No cxterm-big5!

	update-excuses hates it. If anyone cares about cxterm, someone
	needs to figure out why it has all these unsatisfiable Depends.

No kde!

	Again, very, very bad.
No asiya24-vfont!

	Has some RC bugs. Seems to be in the process of being removed,
	according to update-excuses, although they are all fixed. Hmm.

No junior-programming!

	I wonder there this went. Ben?

No python-base!
No dpkg-python!
No python-distutils!
No python-mxdatetime!
No python-mxstack!
No python-mxtexttools!
No python-mxtools!
No python-pam!
No pythondoc!
No sulfur!

	Someone who cares about python needs to look at its task and send us a
	corrected version. Preferably a much smaller corrected version, the
	current one is ridiculously bloated.

No mueller7-dict!

	Has rc bugs, and updates-excuses implies it is in the process of
	being removed.

No dialdcost!

	Was only in stable, is there a replacement in unstable?

see shy jo

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