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Re: Will KDE make it into Woody?

On Sunday 24 February 2002 05:23 am, Daniel Stone wrote:
> No, the number 1 priority is the maintainer's personal life. Give Chris
> a break, he's a busy man. He's also doing a fucking good job. Excuse my
> French, but it's very very hard to maintain KDE, and I think Chris is
> doing an outstanding job.
You're right, absolutely right about that.

However, I think that sometimes people have to realize that sometimes they 
are at a point in their life in which they do not have time to deal with 
Debian packages.  If he doesn't have time to maintain the KDE packages, then 
perhaps he should make that announcement.  I did not make a judgement call on 
Ivan Moore when he left this project, because, as you say, KDE is an 
extremely difficult package to maintain.

Now, I am not speaking for or against Mr. Cheney being maintainer as I too 
think he's doing a pretty good job.  Whether or not he has the capability to 
maintain this package or not is a judgement call he must make, not us (to 
some degree.)

My point is that we need to leave him alone on that decision since I don't 
think he has done anything significant that would make him a bad maintainer.  
We don't even know what he's doing behind the scenes.  We need to give him 
the benefit of the doubt for a little longer.
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