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Re: Distibutions (was KDE Debian distribution)

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 10:18:00AM +0000, Nick Bailey wrote:

> > Just a few days ago, I read that Dell stopped shipping preloaded
> > Linux machines because of low demand.
> I asked them to ship me a laptop without windows and they just plain
> refused. (Dell UK). Actually, I prefer to install myself (using a

I phoned Dell (DE) and they told me they have to ship with Windows. Why?
Because. I showed them press releases (by email) about Dell supporting
Linux and they told me that was Dell USA, and they are nuts anyway,
nobody wants Linux when you can get Windows XP. I told them I didn't
want XP, they told me I can get Windows 2000 instead for an additional
"upgrade price". WTF?

> debian image from a lab-wide CD image); perhaps that's why nobody
> wanted it.
> Actually, they have just lost the contract ot supply us big time.
> Quote for a dual proceessor machine with 1GB RAM and about 40GB SCSI
> drive came in at c. £4700, eventually sourced same spec machine for
> £1800 (with Athlons in it -- even faster!)  Even if the service I get
> stinks (which it hasn't so far -- it has been great), at that price
> differential I can just buy two of everything.

What brand is it? I was considering a Dell. I would like a 15" screen
(or 14" with 1400x1050), 128 or 256MB RAM, decent CPU (well, 700MHz+),
and 10-20G hard disk.
> That said, I have absolutely no complaints about the laptop, which
> runs sid/kde very well, except I've not sorted out the sleep mode
> properly (close the lid when it's on battery and it crashes; suspend
> behaves itself but you loose sound).

Install apmd and perhaps acpid. Some machines crash if they don't
receive the right APM/ACPI treatment.

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