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Re: Athlon optimized KDE build

I couldn't care less. You're just another lamer who speaks too much and 
accomplishes little. Buzz off.

You couldn't even handle a simple build engineering task. How the heck are 
people going to turn on optimizations on non-existent packages Mr. Stone? 
Leave aside the fact that building these take a lot of time and space....

These binaries I did at least work, and do not require users to remove their 
KDE2 packages... The interested parties could give it a try without deleting 
their working debian setup, that's all I had thought. KDE does need feedback 
from users. Anyway, if nobody's going to bother no need.... I certainly 
didn't expect any sort of assistance from you.

Please don't post any mails on this thread.

Eray Ozkural (exa) <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr>
Comp. Sci. Dept., Bilkent University, Ankara
www: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~erayo
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