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Re: need help with kdm no.2


On Wednesday 20 February 2002 06:24 am, Mike Carter wrote:
> Hi team,
> 2nd attempt to get this answered,
> how do I get debian stable to boot with kdm starting kde not any
> other
> gui?  I have tried to get it to run with kde on boot but no success.
> I am obviously missing something important and possibly basic.
> But I
> can't fix it.  The debian user guide didn't help.
>  It told me to modify files which don't exist.  Looking forward to
>  your
> replies.
> cheers,
> Mike

	The simpliest method (IMHO) is to remove all the other gui's from the
machine. If there is NOTHING ELSE to boot, well, KDE wins!! :--)  Make sense?

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