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Re: Alien/RPM keeps trying to kill KDE. Help?

Phil Edwards wrote:
> Every time I try to get rid of useless (to me) packages like 'korganizer'
> and 'kpackage' and 'knewsticker' the Depends line triggers, and dselect
> tries to remove my entire desktop environment.  :-|

No it doesn't. The kde metapackage depends on korganizer. korganizer
does not depend on the kde metapackage. A "metapackage" is a package
that does not contain anything itself but just depends on a set of other

The only reason to use the metapackage is if you just want all of kde
without having to worry about which packages that comprises. If you've
reached the point of wanting some parts of kde but not others then the
metapackage is not particularly useful to you and might as well be

see shy jo

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