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[kde3] Appeal for help - powerful box needed

Hi all!
I'm currently working on KDE3 debs, but have been crippled by a lack of
a) processor speed and b) space. The only box which has space enough is
a P166, and the most powerful box is a PII 350, which needs to keep
KDE2.2 anyway.

So, I'm making an appeal for help in the form of access to a build box,
which must have the following:
	* SSH access
	* Reasonable (preferably >1gig) CPU
	* A fair bit of RAM
	* Decent connectivity (enough to pass KDE debs back and forth)
	* A chroot for me to work in (I need Qt3, KDE3, etc, installed
	  to build).

If anyone can satisfy the above criteria, could you please drop me a
line privately?

Thanks very, very much,
a rather embarassed d

(This mail was triggered when I ran out of space on my second-largest
 parition [my largest being /, which doesn't have much room *free*], on
 the PII 350 I laughingly call my "build box").

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
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