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Re: Koi8-r font problems.


  cyrillic in KDE works fine for all us Russian KDE users :-).

> Konsole however doesn't seem to be able to use the koi8-r character
> set. I use KControl to select the Courier New with koi8-r encoding for
> Konsole, but it doesn't use that one. When I try to modify the font
> within Konsole the Courier New koi8-r isn't even there!

Seems that you have fot antialiasing enabled, and your /etc/X11/XftConfig 
is not set up correctly for cyrillic fonts.
Try disabling font antialiasing.

> KDict seems to ignore the Russian characters from dictd alltogether,
> only squares appear and pasting the output into a hexeditor reveals
> that all russian characters are translated to 0x00.

Last time I tried kdict (several months ago) it was completely broken for 
non-latin characters. Don't know it it was fixed since then ...

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