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Re: printing from konq.

--- Marc Britten <yugami@monochromatic.net> wrote:
> I just noticed this, I'm running debian sid and everything is upto date.
> This is my first time printing from konq.
> I opened up an html page and told it to print, after hitting ok in the
> dialog the fonts being used on the page changed, the page printed, and
> the fonts changed back. 
> It was all visible and confused me.
> I'm printing through CUPS however I don't think the printing engine has
> anything to do with this.
> any ideas, suggestions?

Although I have printed a few times from Konq, it's been a while & I don't
remember if this occurred.  

On one of my installs, though, I do have the case that occasionally (maybe
one web page per day, on average), as I move my mouse cursor over some
section of text, the entire block of text changes to a larger type font, and
goes back to the normal font when I remove my mouse from that area.  I
haven't filed a bug report or mentioned that to anyone yet.

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