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Little Konqueror Irritations

Whenever I go to Settings->Configure Konqueror it always pops up the
dialog in the bottom right most corner, *behind* the panel. In fact, it
is so far into the corner, that the window decorations are off the
screen. How can I get this #!@#$ thing to pop up in a sensible location? 
I don't want to move it each time...

Secondly, the reason I'm using it so much, I have the following in my 
"No Proxy for" list:


It does not seem to be effective though, it is still trying to use the 
proxy for e.g. www.sun.ac.za. So I have to continually turn the proxy on 
and off, I cannot view sun.ac.za sites and "external" sites at the same 
time, a tremendous irritation, really. So is it broken, or am I using it 
incorrectly? IP based exclusions probably only work when you type in the 
IP address instead of the hostname? And must I type in 146.232.* or 
146.232.*.* ?

Please CC me, I am not on this list.

Hugo van der Merwe

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