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Re: KDE and Xinerama

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 09:29:55AM +0100, Jan Albiez wrote:
> There have been several threads in the past about kde and xinerama, mostly
> dealing with compiling kdelibs with xinerama support. Before I start
> compiling new kdelibs for myself I just want to ask if somebody has done
> this already for kdelibs3 2.2.2-5. And BTW how do I recognize, that the
> xinerama support is working ?

What architecture do you have?  On i386 (at least) it is already compiled
in.  I have kdelibs3 2.2.2-9 and 2.2.2-11 versions that work already.

If it is compiled in, you should see a section marked "Xinerama" in Control
Center->Look & Feel->Window Behaviour->Advanced.

There seems to be a bug in the window placement when Maximize Support is
switched on.  I recommend you switch it off until it is fixed.  See the bug
I filed [1] for more details.


[1] http://bugs.kde.org/db/36/36935.html
Chris Halls | Frankfurt, Germany

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