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Re: What's best quick fix for broken kde metapackage?

On Tuesday 19 February 2002 12:01, tluxt2@yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi ben,
> I read your message with some interest.  In order to help me give you a
> response on par with your interest, will you please provide me some
> clarification about some things that are ambiguous to me about your
> message? TIA.
> 1st:  One ambiguity in your message is whether your message is (please
> excuse my loose use of definitions here) intended rhetorically (Ie, you
> just wanted to communicate your thoughts to me, and you didn't actually
> want any answers to some or all of the questions you posed), or if you
> actually wanted answers to all the questions.  Which is the case?
Calm down man, ben's message was as clear as it could be, and if you really 
are unable to understand it you've got a _very_ serious problem.

snipped the rest of this really strange message...


Yven J. Leist - leist@debian.org

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