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Re: Install kde in Sid fails - depends libkmid... - How fix?

On Sun, Feb 17, 2002 at 02:53:51PM -0800, tluxt2@yahoo.com wrote:

Wow. Lots of questions. The answer to most of them is I tried different
things and read man pages and did google searches until I figured out
how to solve the problem in front of me. 

> If it is not available anymore, how did you track it down? (See below,
> also.)

Searching through the debian mirrors as previously noted.

> 1)  Is there some way to tell "apt-get install kde" to just install
> whatever it can, and ignore any unmet dependency problems?  (This would

Not when there are broken packages, to my admittedly limited knowledge.

> save me a _lot_ of extra learning & work right now, which is an acceptable
> tradeoff to me at this point, knowing some things will not be fully
> installed.)

For me, the issue is "Can I afford NOT to learn how to cope with this?"
If I don't figure it out on my own, then I haven't learned enough to be
able to generalize from this specific problem to a larger set.

> 4)  How can it be installed? - 

dpkg -i XXXXX.deb

> Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
>   libkmid: Depends: libglib1.3-12 (>= 1.3.12) but it is not installable
> That shows ">=".
> That is different from what you said:
> > The problem at that time was that libkmid
> > is dependent explicitly on libglib1.3-12. That's not available any more,
> > being superceded by libglib1.3-13.
> So, if it has been supersceded by 1.3-13, why doesn't apt-get obtain
> 1.3-13, which would satisfy ">= 1.3.12"?  
> - Oh, is this why: the "-13" doesn't refer to the same thing as the ".13"?

Well, I actually meant what I said, since I went and got and installed
libglib1.3-13 (1.3.13), and tried again, getting the same error. Now
here's the installed packages in that space, from dpkg -l:

ii  libglib1.3-12  1.3.12-2       Unstable GLib general-purpose C library
ii  libglib1.3-13  1.3.13-1       Unstable GLib general-purpose C library

> 6)  How would one know one wants kdebase3-audiolibs, not
> kdebase-audiolibs?  Do you have a pointer to something that tells me about
> what kdebase, and kdebase3 are, and how I could determine which I want in
> my case?

Nope. Pure guesswork on my part. Just trying to help. All the other
kdebase stuff is coming in kdebase3, so I figure...

> E: Package kdebase3-audiolibs has no installation candidate
> Where do I look next to start tracking this down?

Actually. On examining my current load out, I actually DO have
kdebase-audiolibs loaded. Not kdebase3-audiolibs. Sorry for the

And to answer the $193,000,000, no I didn't win the lottery, and for
some weird reason, no, I didn't retain the deb file. I think I parked it
in tmp, and killed it off at some point over the last week.

Perhaps someone else reading this list actually has the libglib1.3-12
deb still in their apt-cache.



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