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Where is KwinTV? Again.

I figured tha since the developers have changed since the last time I asked 
this, I'll try again.

Where is KwinTV? My interest was brought back to this when Linux Format put 
the latest sources on their cover CD. I ws able to use deb-make and debuild 
to build a .deb and it actually built and installed with no problem, it just 
crashes as soon as I try to run it.

I thought this was now an official part of kde multimedia? Who is building 
the multimedia packages or are you looking for a volunteer? After my initial, 
though limited sucess building kwintv I might be interested in giving it a 
shot. I'm not a programmer, per-se, but I would be interested in playing 
around with building debs. I would just like to put my Hauppauge TV card to 
proper use.


	John Gay

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