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CUPS w/mgetty


Hey Folks,

        I'm using Eddie Carpenters Mgetty Fax package for Windon't. It writes
a section into the /etc/printcap file for samba to share mgetty (fax only)
along a network.
        Problems arose when we went on with CUPS. IT uses /etc/printcap.cups
and we also have /etc/samba/smb.conf looking at /etc/printcap.cups. Therefore
the fax monitor is non-functional. It is NOT being read by samba, samba isn't
sharing it, I'm w/o fax on the network.

        Can I have smb.conf look at both files?
        Can I have a section in the /etc/printcap for cups also?
        Can I put 'old style' printcap into into printcap.cups and have CUPS

        Any one of these in a working mode would allow me to again have my
fax on network back. So you get the idea. I either need to allow samba to
read both files, or get the stanza for the fax monitor into the
/etc/printcap.cups files (and read of course)

from /etc/printcap


        I tried the ADD SPECIAL PRINTER in kcontrol -> System -> Printing
Manager, but when I tell it to use the command '/usr/bin/faxlpr', it comes
back with an error message; "The command doesn't contain the "%in' tag."
Which I'm thinking (likely incorrectly) that it would be something along the
lines of '/usr/bin/faxlpr %s' but that's not werking either.

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