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Re: x-session-manager?

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Am Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2002 07:40 schrieb Daniel Stone:
> Just to further muddy the waters:
> kdm has its own system with the other *dm's, where it sets the default
> manager ... I'm unsure as to whether it registers as an x-s-m or not.

It's not about kdm, but really kde. I don't really care for such a thing for 
display managers because it is really unlikely that more than one installed 
is really needed by anyone. Personally, I prefer wdm. kdm is not installed, 
neither is gdm or xdm.

> KDE is definitely a session manager rather than a window manager ... if
> something's going to register as a window manager, it'd have to be kwin,
> the component of KDE that actually *is* a window manager.

Can kwin actually run by itself? Even if yes, yould it make sense?

> How does GNOME do it?

I'm somewhat afraid to install gnome because it is really hard to wipe from 
disk again ;-)

The thing is: kde2 is default x-session-manager, xfce is default 
x-window-manager. This might make sense in gnome (it could actually start as 
default x-session-manager and use the default x-window-manager) but KDE2 does 
not have this capability, so registering as x-s-m does not really make sense 
to me.


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