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Re: portable mirror?

On Thursday 07 February 2002 23:49, Xeno Campanoli wrote:
> Daniel Robert Franklin wrote:

> For what it's worth, I don't find a man page for either apt-move, nor
> for apt-proxy, and neither are they referred to in the man page for
> apt-get, and I looked on both my stable and my testing system; neither
> place.

Please install apt-proxy and apt-move before complaining that there
are no manpages ;)

ds10(0) ~/debian > man -k apt-proxy
apt-proxy (8)        - A proxy for saving bandwidth to Debian servers
apt-proxy.conf (5)   - configuration file for apt-proxy
ds10(0) ~/debian > man -k apt-move
apt-move (8)         - move cache of Debian packages into a mirror hierarchy.

> > - Daniel
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