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Help Needed Adding Printer

I am attempting to add an SMB shared printer (on my wife's 'doze 2000 box) 
and am experiencing problems.

The KDE Wizard will scan and see my wife's printer but cannot add the printer.

After configuring all aspects of the printer through the Wizard, I click OK 
to create the printer.  Then a dialog comes up titled 'kcmshell' tell me that 
"The access to the requested resource on the CPUS server running on 
<B>localhost (port 631)</B> requires a password."

I have tried my user password, the root password and both have failed.  I 
assume now that some printing-user account must exist and I need to use that 

Any and all input is much appreciated!
Comments and information are appreciated.
Flames, rants, and other miscellany are routed to /dev/null.

Robert Tilley, tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com

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