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Re: Konqueror, HTML forms, wrapping and font handling

I've noticed that some animated GIFs (whether a bug in 
Konqueror or by their poor design) seem to run without any 
delays btw frames, such that they go as fast as possible.  
Perhaps there ought to be a minimum delay to prevent this 
from happening, overriding the value stored in the GIF.

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 23:57, Michael Sullivan wrote:
> I sent an email to the Register about one of their pages
> with animated gifs in an ad.  Running debian / KDE/
> Konqueror, it instantly took my cpu load up to 100% and
> it stayed there (at least on gkrellm) until I moved from
> the page.  The same page in Mozilla was at 50 -60%
> That would account for slow input or scrolling
> Funny, it was just one ad, and other pages that also had
> animated gifs were only in the 3 - 4 % range
> on another machine (windows) the same page in IE had the
> gif running MUCH slower

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