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Re: Help Needed Adding Printer

--- ben <benfoley@rcn.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 10 February 2002 12:57 pm, tluxt wrote:
> [snip]
> >
> > Have you done:
> > adduser usrname lpadmin ;Adds the user "usrname" to the group "lpadmin"
> in
> >    ;the /etc/group file so usrname can admin CUPS.
> given that he can't login to cups admin with the root password,itseemsthat 
> should be properly investigated and resolved before adding any otheruserto 
> any other group. if no solution emerges, he'd be betteroffreinstallingcups 
> and going through the setup process with the current problem in mind. it's 
> really not in the system's interest to have a package running that doesn't 
> comply with the rules of operation to which it shouldadhere,especiallywhen 
> root privileges are involved.

You may be right.  I'm a CUPS novice, not expert.  But, from somewhere, I had
concluded that noone, not even root, would be allowed by CUPS to admin CUPS
until their user name had been added to the lpadmin group.

I'd love to know if that's true or not, for myself. Do you factually know if
my previous suggestion/statement is true or false?

Have you set CUPS up?  

(If true, currently, then maybe the Debian CUPS installer should add root to
the lpadmin group as part of the CUPS install procedure?)

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