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Re: icq client

I am using licq from sid.  No problems.  Are you behind a firewall? Try
removing the .licq directory from your homedir and trying again.

licq is pretty much the best icq client going for linux.

Btw this is not a kde specific question but since you asked here, you
probably want to get the kde-gui plugin since you can then have it show up
in kicker and behave (mostly) like the windows icq client does.


On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Christian Schoenebeck wrote:

> >>> please cc me - I'm offlist <<<
> Hi!
> I tried licq (both, testing and unstable version) icq client,
> but it doesn't seem to run propely. I can logon but nobody
> sees me and I`m not able to download my user list.
> Is there anything I can do to fix that or is there better icq
> client?
> Thanks,
> Christian Schoenebeck

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