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Re: Help Needed Adding Printer


On Sunday 10 February 2002 11:39 am, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:40:51 -0500
> Robert Tilley <tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> > I am attempting to add an SMB shared printer (on my wife's 'doze 2000
> > box) and am experiencing problems.
> >
> > The KDE Wizard will scan and see my wife's printer but cannot add the
> > printer.
> >
> > After configuring all aspects of the printer through the Wizard, I click
> > OK to create the printer.  Then a dialog comes up titled 'kcmshell' tell
> > me that "The access to the requested resource on the CPUS server running
> > on <B>localhost (port 631)</B> requires a password."
> >
> > I have tried my user password, the root password and both have failed.  I
> > assume now that some printing-user account must exist and I need to use
> > that password.
> >
> > Any and all input is much appreciated!
> Two things:
> - Do you have an account on the Winbox?
> - localhost:631 is CUPS, as you probably know.
> Pull up <the browser of your choice>, go to http://localhost:631,
> and see if you can get in that way.

	I ran into this earlier in my experiences with Win2K!!

	You HAVE to have an account on that box, with the SAME EXACT username/logon
as you have on the *nix machine. This isn't 9x, it's NT (nicetry)!! Account
is on (by default [no, i don't know {or care} how to shut it off]) therefore
you MUST be a valid 'user' on that winbox! This is the same for file shares
on Win2K/NT.

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