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Re: What is keeping 'kde' metapackage out of Woody?

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 03:32:24PM -0800, tluxt wrote:
> 1) What is package kde?  I've heard of kde-base, and the 'kde' 
> metapackage, but not a 'regular' package called 'kde'.
> 2) Is a bug of level 'important' able to keep a package out of W?

1) kde is a meta package that depends on other packages but does nothing
2) no, see below.

> So now we've found the kde metapackage info, and the most important bug is 
> 'important'.  Is _that_ what is keeping the kde metapackage out of Woody?

No, see below.

> It takes a bug more severe than 'important' to keep a package out of 
> Woody, right?  
> [Can you give me a URL for where the description of what is 
> required for a package to get from S > W?]
> Wrong?  Does that mean an ugly font and problems with accented fonts is 
> keeping this very useful metapackage out of Woody?  

It takes a bug of severity serious or above to keep a package out of
Woody unless the package's depends are not yet met. (There are few other
small rules but they do not apply here.)

See this url for more details:

> If so, that seems an awfully small problem holding up a package with major 
> benefits to installation efficiency, at least.  That is _very_ bad, if 
> true.
> So, what, exaxtly, needs to be done to get the kde metapackage into Woody?
> ?????

I am going to be putting meta packages into each source package for kde,
so there will be for example a kdelibs package that depends on specific
version of kdelibs3, kdelibs-bin, libarts, libarts-kde.  That can then
be depended on by the kde meta-package. This will keep kde for needing
to change, and any time a new package is uploaded (like kdelibs) its meta
package will automatically be updated as well.

Does this sound good?


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