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Re: Getting xscreensaver to work...

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Darryl L. Pierce wrote:

> Before using KDE, I always used xscreensaver. After switching, I found
> that KDE will let me use xscreensaver still. However, when the
> screensaver tries to start, or when I click "Lock Screen", the screen
> just goes black. I've switched back to WindowMaker and xscreensaver
> starts fine. Same under Gnome. It's only KDE that's having a problem. 
> Any help?

Go to the Control Center > Look and Feel > Desktop.  The "Support Programs
in Desktop Window" checkbox is probably unchecked, which means that KDE
won't support programs drawing in the root window (this is different from
"running as root" i.e. the root user).  xscreensaver is probably
configured to draw in the root window (the xscreensaver programs might
have "-root" in their command line options).  If you put a check in that
box, then it will probably work.  However, some programs, Netscape being
one, check the root window for previously running instances, and error out
if they find one, so it may cause you problems there.

I don't know what will happen with xscreensaver if you try to not run the
individual screensaver programs without the -root command line option.  
I've not tried it.

Someone more knowledgeable than I might have more info for you or might
correct me if I'm wrong.  

Chris Goodwin
If babies could purr, cats would be out of a job.

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