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Re: What's best quick fix for broken kde metapackage?

On Monday 18 February 2002 12:43 am, tluxt2@yahoo.com wrote:
> Ok
> ccheney is MIA for > 1 week with no advance notice of planned absence

it's great that you've taken such an interest in helping the maintainers but 
you seem to have developed an attitude of scorn that really seems 
unjustified. everyone accepts that all of the maintainers involved with any 
part of debian actually have other imperatives going on in their lives, and 
that if and when those imperatives take precedence over the tasks of the 
distribution for which they've taken on responsibility, such absences that 
occur do not in any way mitigate the debts of gratitude and respect that the 
rest of us owe them. what gives you the right to suggest that chris cheney or 
anyone else is required to provide you with prior notice of any absence? and 
another thing, if you're going to make a habit of belittling any maintainer's 
performance, at least have the balls to identify yourself, instead of hiding 
behind a personal acronym on a web-based mailer.


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