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Re: Window Raise from konsole

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 10:52:41AM +0100, Oleg Cherkasov wrote:
> Does anybody know how to ask kwin raise some window (by name for
> example)?  Is there any command line arguments for kwin or how can I
> use DCOP for this?

If you open a konsole and then start kdcop, it should display all
exported DCOP functions available. If there aren't any, it doesn't
support them (IIRC).
> I have process running in konsole, so I would like to bring this
> window up as soon as something will happened in it.  The idea is to
> have a script which accepts one argument, window name.  This window
> will be raised ...  I am running woody, KDE 2.2.2

Perhaps ask at kde-devel@lists.kde.org.

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