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Re: Athlon optimized KDE build

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> There are lots of ways of making things much faster than any new malloc
> library ever could.

Yes, but few that apply on so wide a scale (i.e., every kde app affected).  
This is a good thing.  It is also a good thing that it will not be needed 
with glib 2.3, as it strikes me as hackish as the objprelink fiasco :-(  I 
truly hope we all learned from that, and that this (new! untested in the 2 
betas!) malloc isn't going to be thrown into 3.0 as quickly as objprelink was 
into 2.2.   But this isn't really the list to bring up that concern.

> For example there are many KDE programs that take an O(N^2) amount of time
> to do some work dependant on the data size.  For example consider the
> amount of time taken to display a message in kmail, for messages that are
> <50K in size the time is quite reasonable, but for megabyte messages it's
> terrible.  This is something that a better malloc library might alleviate,
> but it needs some better algorithms in the core code to solve it.

Supposedly (not that I've gotten off my lazy butt to try it out) this is 
fixed in 3.0.  IIRC, Ingo and Marc worked mightily on making the large 
message handler code much more efficent.  Only testing will tell, though.

> Another example (which I haven't tested recently - it may be fixed but I
> doubt it) - try a ftp:// URL where there are thousands of files in the
> directory, it's an easy way of making what is essentially 100KB of text
> cause Konqueror to allocate 50M of RAM and only avoid thrashing VM because
> it's using all the CPU time.

I haven't had this happen to me, but I use wget for almost all my ftp needs 
:-P  It's undoubtably a false impression, but it still seems that I can "copy 
link location", switch to a term, cd to the right directory, and "wget 
<shift-insert>" faster than I can "save as..." and find the right dir to 
click ok.

> I've been thinking of working on these issues for years, but I've always
> had other things to do.

With regards to this, and your ps, I'm glad for the stuff that you *have* 
been doing!  It seems like you're on all the same lists I am (-kde, -isp, 
etc) and you always have valuable insight.  Oh, and the 16 packages you 
maintain are nice as well ;-)  Thanks!

> PS  Before calling someone a lamer I generally do the following:
> Grep for their name/email address in /var/lib/apt/lists/*
> Search sourceforge for their name.
> Search advogato for their name.
> Do a google search on their name.
> That avoids the potential embarassment of calling someone a lamer only to
> discover that they contribute more than me.


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