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Re: remembering window settings

> > How can I get kde 2.2.2 from Sid to remember my window settings (e.g.
> > that xmms should be sticky and on top, that vmware should start on
> > desktop 4, etc)?
> If you right-click on the titlebar, you should get a window operations
> window in which you can toggle 'Store Settings'.  I've also got a
> keybinding that binds this menu to Alt-Escape for frameless windows like
> XMMS.  The keybinding is under Global Shortcuts -> Windows -> Window
> Operations Menu.

By telling it to save settings on exit, I got it to remember for xmms and
vmware (but it won't start vmware on login), but it doesn't remember my
gbuffy. But that gbuffy is being run thru an ssh connection from my box at
home. And there's no way to leave it running until logout without having a
terminal up, and I don't want to have one come up by default.

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