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Devices desktop icons


I am using the packet writing patch to be able to use cd-rw with the UDF file 

Before mounting an UDF cd I must associate the burner device with the 
/dev/pktcdvd0 device using the pktsetup command. Similarly, before ejecting 
the cd I must tear down the device using pktsetup once again.

There come my small problem: KDE's destop icons that represent devices 
usually mount the device and then call konqueror when are clicked. I would 
like to change this behavior to call the pktsetup command  do associate the 
devices before mounting. The "same" for unmount. How can I accomplish that?

Thanks for the help,


Paulo José da Silva e Silva 
Professor Assistente do Dep. de Ciência da Computação
(Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Dept.)
Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil

e-mail: rsilva@ime.usp.br           Web: http://www.ime.usp.br/~rsilva

Teoria é o que não entendemos o     (Theory is something we don't)
suficiente para chamar de prática.  (understand well enough to call practice)

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