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kdm / xdm dying

Hi all!

I've got a problem with our terminal-Server running Debian woody with XFree4 
and the thin clients running Debian woody with XFree4.

All clients get their X/kdm via "X -query server". The problem is that about 
three times a year the kdm/xdm states the message "too many keepalive
retransmissions, closing connection". All users (>200) get logged out at the 
same time and get the normal login screen after that.

The problem depends on the system time of the client. In 2000 it was in may 
, 2001 in september, and today 13. february 14:58:xx UTC. I can set the
time on the client to 14:57, wait about one minute and get logged out again.

Any help would be appreciated...


PS: I'm not subscribed to debian-x, so please cc possible hints. Thanks.

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