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Re: Alien/RPM keeps trying to kill KDE. Help?

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 02:21:24PM -0600, Chris Cheney wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 02:03:09PM -0500, Phil Edwards wrote:
> > BUT
> > 
> >     - librpm4 conflicts with librpm0, and
> > 
> >     - something called "kpackage" depends on librpm0
> This will hopefully be fixed very soon, since rpm had failed to build on
> m68k but recently compiled correctly.

It's now been fixed.  Sweet.

> > I don't use kpackage, but I can't remove it, because
> > 
> >     - kde depends on kpackage
> > 
> > So anytime I try to do anything with 'rpm' dselect/apt-get attempts to
> > remove the entire KDE suite.
> Are you sure? The package kde itself is only a metapackage, removing it
> would not cause any other kde applications to be removed.

Here you go:

    Package: kde
    Architecture: all
    Source: meta-kde
    Version: 4:2.2.18
    Depends: kdelibs3, libarts | libarts-alsa | libarts-bin, libkmid | libkmid-alsa | libkmid-bin, kdebase | kdebase3, kdebase-audiolibs | kdebase3-audiolibs, kdebase-libs | kdebase3-libs, libkonq3 | libkonq4, konqueror | konqueror3, kate | kate3, konsole | konsole3, kdebase-doc | kdebase3-doc, kscreensaver | kscreensaver3, kdewallpapers | kdewallpapers3, kuser, ksysv, kcron, kpackage, secpolicy, kghostview, kview, kmail, korn, korganizer, ark, kab, karm, kcalc, kcharselect, kdepasswd, kdf, kedit, kfind, khexedit, kjots, knotes, kpm, kpaint, kiconedit, kfract, ksnapshot, kruler, kdict, kdepim-libs, kdm | x-display-manager, kit, knode, ksirc, koffice, knewsticker, ktimer, kcoloredit
    Suggests: aktion, kde-i18n, kde-games, kde-extras, kde-devel, anti-aliasing-howto, kdessh, artsbuilder | artsbuilder3, kmix | kmix3, kscd | kscd3, noatun | noatun3, libarts-mpeglib | libarts3-mpeglib
    Filename: pool/main/m/meta-kde/kde_2.2.18_all.deb

Every time I try to get rid of useless (to me) packages like 'korganizer'
and 'kpackage' and 'knewsticker' the Depends line triggers, and dselect
tries to remove my entire desktop environment.  :-|  I've learned to put up
with it -- at least the package management system isn't actively breaking
things, which is more than what I could say for up2date.


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