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[no subject] "It could be that your whole purpose is..." "output all but last N lines" command? "To X or not to X, that is the question" (also, Groovix PC) #285151 xdm: doesn't start xserver after updgrading to version 1.9 $1 LifeTime Membership! Re: $PATH and /etc/profile 'ls' caching? The 'mail' system account (more) the coffee house broke my auto (no subject) (To: Debian Mailing List) Some messages bounced to a new email by Mutt gives subject: None (To: Debian ML) anyone ever expereinced with some of the redirected (using mutt's bounce feature) messages arrive with no subject ? (update) HP DL380 G4 and kernel 2.6.x boot problems. (testing) RE: *****SPAM***** howto know if raid is really working? -< Male Muscle BOOSTING System > .deb files arch independant? /dev broken on upgrade to 2.6.9 /dev/lp0 getting deleted /dev/uba in 2.6.9 and 2.6.10 and cdrecord Re: /dev/video0 /etc writeable [was: etc writeable blah] /etc/apt/preferences problem - might cause problems when Sarge goes stable! Re: /etc/hosts ignored /sys and lspci 2 GB RAM support in woody 2-D Drawing Programs ? Re: 2-D Drawing Programs ? - Thanks Re: Re: 2.6.7 kernel panic Re: 3c59x driver woes with 2.6.8 kernel. 人力资源3P系统沙盘模拟训练 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 - 75% OFF driver Card bus Message incompatible avec le système de messagerie Solution for a failing mkinitrd W komunikacie "Spamed?" został wykryty wirus >:Re: Questions on Conffiles [[offlist] Re: [Way off topic] the Quran [CVS] Merging external snapshot to local repository [Error]dma_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error } ,dma_intr: error=0x84 { DriveStatusError BadCRC } with eth0: Oversized Ethernet frame spanned multiple buffers, entry 0x6 length 0 status 00000600! [Fixed] Re: File-->Quit doesn't work any more: A firefox bug? [Fwd: Re: ilohamail] Re:[linux-audio-user] Finale in Linux Re: [linux-audio-user] MIDI problems on latest alsa from Sid [OT] Anyone have a gimp-print 5.0.0-beta2 deb? [OT] Big Open Roads (Was: Linux Functionality?) [OT] booting through RTC wake-up [OT] choice between USR8054 and DI-524 routers [OT] crossing nebraska [OT] Internet control [OT] Searching for a new upstream maintainer of Muttprint [OT] The decline and fall of Google Groups [OT] Weather Monitoring? [OT], Database Comparer [OT]: Re: data-entry GUIs & python [partly SOLVED, but ... ] Re: udev and gnome-volume-manager not working in Sarge [Re: dnsmasq help needed] [SOLVED -kind of] Lost console after kernel upgrade 2.6.9 [Solved, for now]: OT? hypertread on or off for SMP kernel Re: [SOLVED] dist-upgrade > broken modem [Solved] ls color for bad symbolic link [SOLVED] Re: dhcp not starting since a couple of days [solved] Re: hda=stroke for installer? [SOLVED] Re: Kingstron Data Traveller giving Buffer I/O error [SOLVED] Re: openoffice, mysql, odbc [SOLVED] Re: permissions with udev/pmount? [SOLVED] Re: What happened to my menubar? [SOLVED]Re: gnome file picker [SORTED] Re: 'ls' caching? [To: Debian ML] Default font in URXVT Re: [VPNC] Keine Datenuebertragung im VPN trotz aufgebauter Verbindung Re: [VPNC] Keine Datenuebertragung im VPN trotz aufgebauter Verbindung Re: [VPNC] Keine Datenuebertragung im VPN trotz aufgebauter Verbindung [VPNC] Keine Datenuebertragung im VPN trotz aufgebauter Verbindung Re: [Way off topic] babble babble bubble Re: [Way off topic] depleted uranium [Way off topic] the politics of Re: [Way off topic] the Quran [WOT] Big, Open Roads (was Re: Linux Functionality?) a2ps pre-depends on emacsen-common About to take the plunge, one last nit Acest user nu exista !!! acpi errors ACPI Problems acroread key bindings do not work. actualizar kernel AGP aic7xxx won't load? AirLink+ AWLC3025 Re: All mozilla-based browsers crash on some sites ALSA broken after upgrade Alsa Master is Mono? alsa mismatch with new kernel-image ALSA mixer does not unmute the volume ALSA or OSS? Alsa paramaters, Woody ALSA sound gone since kernel update alsa-drivers for 2.4.27-speakup alsa: missing dependencies alsaconf failing on sarge, depmod says unresolved symbols Alternate OSes based on Debian amanda AMD 64 with woody or sarge And Now for My Next Frustration - The Printer Anyone know why AOL users post "Art Files" queries? anyone managed to get an Epson aculaser C4100 working with debian? apache apache & apache-ssl Re: apache and phpwebsite apache-lingerd sparc binary is up. apache2.conf content negotiation issue apm and apic errors. debian sarge APT / DSelect questions apt-build setup apt-build.conf apt-get autoclean apt-get over SSH - unexpected results apt-get screwed ? please help Re: apt-get update aborts with errors apt/sources.list - name of Debian mirror? aptitude bug? aptitude: modifying sources.list art files Article about apt-build Re: ASUS P5P800 Motherboard support ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 4X AGP / XFree86 4.3.0 / ATI Linux Driver: Colour Depth Problems ati radeon 9600 problem ati radeon mobility 9700 Audacity sound problem Audio streaming auth smtp with sendmail auto respond Automatic dial out for a modem Automating DebConf answers AUTOREPLY from AW: debarchiver and ehterconf problem at apt-get dist-upgrade woody to testing Back from near death: exhausted. Question 1 Backing up a running system Backup with versioning Backup-software FTP Backups - what files can safely be omitted? Baghira is grey balsa and SSL Bands in Fullscreen SDL bash doesn't accept settings best IRC client for Debian The last update was on 19:35 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 4636 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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