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Re: aptitude: modifying sources.list

Ben Bettin wrote:
I see, didn't realize you were using it on the command-line.  I
usually use it interactively.

When I adjust my sources.list and run 'aptitude' from the
command-line, a big nasty red window pops up and lists the errors you
describe.  At the bottom is an 'ok' button or some-such, you just hit
enter and it loads up aptitude.  Then i hit 'u' for update.  You can
see it getting the new package lists from the sources.  After it's
done, everything is happy and working great.

I'm not sure what the difference is between 'aptitude update' and
hitting 'u' when in aptitude's interactive console menus.  Perhaps
it's a bug in the program that's causing you to have this problem?

Sorry for the confusion, hope this helps.


Hi Ben,
You are spot on! I tried an experiment of putting a new source into sources list and hitting "u" and exactly what you described happened. And yes, carrying on and hitting "u" again caused no further problem. I hestitated about reporting it as a bug without confirmation. Would you agree that the "red screen of non-death" that appears in the gui version is not what the devs intended? If anyone else has had this experience I'll volunteer to report it as a bug. My first impulse is self-doubt. Would you mind doing the same experiment on the command line after adding a new entry to sources.list and see if what happened to me also happens to you? Then we can be pretty sure it's a bug. Yes,?
Thanks again.

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