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Re: apache & apache-ssl

Matthew Joyce wrote:

Dear debian-users,

I have 2 woody boxes, one has apache+php and the other has apache-ssl+php.
Physical space is tight, and neither of these boxes are ever very busy, I'd like to combine them.

Are there any problem with these apps co-existing ?
Do they need to have the same hostname ?

Certificates aside, are there any pitfalls I should watch for ?


You can either use apache-ssl or apache + libapache-mod-ssl.
These are two different things, but I have used both and
they work.  As a matter of preference, I would choose the
mod-ssl route.  That is primarily because then there is only
one apache config to mess with.  With apache and apache-ssl,
there are two configs, two services, and so on.

-Roberto Sanchez

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