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Re: ALSA or OSS?

On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 12:59:19 -0500
Hendrik Boom <hendrik@pooq.com> wrote:

> I've seen a lot of discussion about how to get alsa to work.  The main
> advice seems to be to disable OSS, which seems to sneak modules of its
> own into the kernel.  This leaves me wondering -- which sound system 
> *should* I use on my Debain sarge system?  Is on a traditional part of
> Linux, and the other an recent upstart?  Or is one intended to replace
> the other, and not quite there yet?  I'd rather install the one that
> is more reliable, or more linuxy, if that's a relevant concept.

As I understand it, OSS drivers were the original Linux sound drivers.
Then the author decided to go commercial with them, only releasing
occasional drivers that could be used for gpl purposes. (See
http://www.opensound.com )

This and possibly a disagreement with the oss coding method prompted the
Alsa group to start their own sound drivers. They are by no means a
recent upstart, but they were not included in the kernel.org kernel
source until the 2.6 series. Before this you had to download/apt-get
them separately, compile, etc. 

If you can't tell a difference in which drivers support your card
better, I would go with Alsa. But that's just my preference. Maybe
someone else can enlighten us and mention whether support for oss
drivers will start dropping now that alsa is in the kernel.


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