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Re: [OT] Searching for a new upstream maintainer of Muttprint

On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 05:44:27PM +0100, Bernhard Walle wrote:
> Hello,
> at first, what is Muttprint? Muttprint is a small Perl script to print
> mails in Mutt and other text-based mail clients in a friendly way.
> I've been working on Muttprint for 3 years. It was my first OpenSource
> project, it was my first real Perl program and it has been useful for me
> and lots of other people. Of course, it's still useful.
> But my interests have changed in that time. Of course, Perl is a good
> scripting languages and I still use it for scripting. And I still think
> it's the best language available for the task that Muttprint performs.
> But my interest have changed in direction C, C++ and Java. UTF-8
> handling in current Perl versions is awful in my opinion and
> OO-programming in Perl is not what I wish.
> Most work on Muttprint was not programming but writing documentation,
> anwer mails and making releases. One mistake was to write both English
> and German documentation. Another mistake was to wait with releases
> until all documentation translators have contributed. KDE, Xf ce and
> other big projects do this better.
> While programming the new UTF-8 stuff I saw that this work was more a
> burden than fun and that's the reason for me to look for a new
> maintainer of Muttprint. Someone with more time and somewone who really
> wants to add new features. So: If YOU like to takeover the developement
> of Muttprint, please mail me!

Hi Bernhard,
I suggest that you make such comments for package upkeep or takeover on
counter.li.org #238656 -- goto counter.li.org and be counted!

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