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Re: [Way off topic] the politics of ubuntu.org

On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 11:58:38AM +0800, Katipo wrote:
> William Ballard wrote:
> It does have one or two negative references to Jews, as I have already said.
> I can not recall anything negative in regard to Christians.
> Please provide a reference.

I didn't record the passage, and I don't want to quote any interpretation
from the internet because it's bound to be politically slanted.

I read about the first third carefully and slowly, skimmed the middle third,
and very quickly skimmed the "mystical poetry" and lovely magical foo foo
that is in the third third.

I read carefully all the stuff about what one's obiligations are in a
divorce, &c., and found it pretty much like you said at first -- stuff
about how there's nothing wrong with Christians and Jews b/c they are
people of the book, and on Revelation Day it'll all be good,

but then somewhere far in there there were some bits about how day to
day operations should be conducted.  It said somethign to the the effect
of beware because the Jews and Christians will hassle you -- there will
be conflict.

I am not asserting that it ever said "Christians suck you have to
attack them" -- it doesn't.  It does say something about how much
Jews suck -- like you say.  But there was something in there that made
me raise my eyebrows and go "huh, didn't expect to see THAT."

The thing I never saw was the Christian concept of being a pussy-wussy
even though that guy over there wants to beat the heck out of you --
Turn The Other Cheek, which is a useful thing for a belief system to
have.  Lots of stuff about how to be nice to people you aren't already
mad at, and SOME crap about how to deal with enemies -- but no JUST
SHUT UP AND BE A PUSSY like Christianity has.

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