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Re: Article about apt-build

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 08:52:58PM +0100, Julien Danjou wrote:
> I have translated a french article about apt-build. This is a quick
> introduction about its usage.
> I hope this could help some people to use this software and to make it
> better by sending patches, for example. :-)

Julien, thanks very much for your translation.  I had not used apt-build
before.  Being able to automatically install build dependencies will be
very useful.

I often want to "tweak" software, either the configuration or the code,
apt-build will make it a lot easier to do that.

I thought gentoo was pretty good, until I discovered they don't actually
distribute any binary packages!  Their build system supports generating
binary packages, but there is no public binary distribution.

There are still some things about gentoo that I like, for example their
init scripts system, but on a system with limited resources, portage
uses too much disc.

One thing I would really like is a system that updates source packages
differentially from an arch or subversion repository, so that if someone
changes a couple of lines in mozilla I don't have to download the whole
package over again.  An rsyncable source tree would be another
possibility.  If make actually did what it's supposed to do (and people
used it right) we could theoretically rebuild just the changed bits of
packages too.

One could also do differential syncing for binary packages, but it would
be less effective.  We could definitely do it for package lists!

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