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[no subject] "dd" block size question "Dynamic MMap ran out of room" Re: "Dynamic MMap ran out of room" - Thanks, got this one fixed! "ics" attachment handlers? "modconf" sees no modules at all in recompiled kernel Re: "resolving host" Re: (Sid) Net broken - Sending streams stall Re: ** System-generated message from DCCCD Internet Mail Gateway ** --configure error fam and gnome? -1 Unknown symbol in module /bin contents Re: /dev/pts/0: Operation not permitted (Solved) 100Mbit Lan runs at sloow 417Kbs!! 2.6.8-3 kernel freezes on Inspiron 8100 at isapnp Re: 200GB firewire drives and bios drive size limits 3c59x driver woes with 2.6.8 kernel. 3C905CX-TX-NM 3ware woes, seem to be missing vital /proc files... 5.1 audio files in asf or asx format? 802.11g :SPAM: Re: 100Mbit Lan runs at sloow 417Kbs!! <Watchdog: denied attachment> 请求 确认您发送的不是垃圾邮件 Various Pills, worldwide delivery! AVVISO: è stato rilevato un virus nel messaggio inviato. L'allegato infetto è stato eliminato. Re: The singer Teresa Teng information (¾HÄR§g) Re: VERY strange process.. (ùb) Vielen Dank für Ihre Email / Thank you for your enquiry / Muchas gracias por su petición Vous avez envoyé un message infecté. Frånvaro, autosvar: Hello @-Zeichen [ANNOUNCE] debian-multimirror Re: [Ayuda] FC2 kernel 2.6.8 [Dave Thayer] Re: devfs -> udev, user mounting etc Re: [exim4debian] Re: Debian-exim - blech! [false alarm] mozilla testing package JSP rendering [Fwd: OpenOffice and rectangles instead of fonts] Re: [hpoj-devel] Can only print one document [Incident:] [Linux newbie asks:] Why "dhelp_parse: no title found for directory " [MailServer Notification] To Sender a virus was found and action taken. [ Using DHCP with Sarge Debian-Installer; and not adding normal user] Re: [OT] Feature-creep in MozFirefox 1.0PR [Solution] Re: Apache update (Sarge) Re:[SOLVED - for me at least] Samba upgrade to 3.06 is causing problems Re: [SOLVED] keyboard not working after upgrade [solved] Re: mounting iPod with USB [SOLVED] Re: Squid + Dansguardian + freshclam [SOLVED] syslog MARKs interval change [solved]Re: vim syntax suddenly stopped [survey] TERM=rxvt-unicode as package default [Way OT] Re: GMAIL Invites..! `who -d' Dead processes Re: a2ps -> gv font (deeper problem!) re: about installer ( anaconda) about installer (anaconda from local CD) About kupdated and others about:config in Firefox is broken Accept() returns invalid socket descript and no error. Add printer using kaddprinterwizard Adding a kernel module - to get iptables to work. Adding New Programs Addusers and domains ? Re: ADSL/pppoe configuration problem Advice needed to speed up very slow machine Advice on adding USB support after an install Re: All these open ports ALSA Re: ALSA --> Problem solved by "rm /etc/modprobe.conf" Alsa in Debian Sarge? How to? Re: ALSA Mixer Settings Not Restored (was Soundblaster Live! 5.1 blacklisted) alsa not working on Intel 865 (Asus P4P800) Re: ALSA on 2.6 alsa stopped working ALSA working kernel 2.6.7 not sure how Re: Also works on 2.6 kernels [was Re: Well documented] announcing Debian-Installer pre-rc2, a technology preview release antonello corrado/ è assente dall'ufficio. any examples where Debian was installed in Dell Inspiron 5160? Re: Any Softwares related to engineering field available for Debian? Any Softwares related to engineering field available for Debian? Anyone getting debian forged headers in Email? Apache 2 error log - Looks like somebody has been trying to break into my machine HELP Apache un-able to understand. Apache update (Sarge) Apache2 'SSLEngine on' not working in testing Apache2 (testing) cgi-bin doesn't execute? Apache2 allocate shared memory! Apache2 and PHP apache2 and php - firefox wants to download phtml file? apache2 config files apache2 debian backport archives Apache2 doesn't find qualified domain name apache2 install problems apache2: index.php sent unprocessed when accessed indirectly from one location Apache::DBI APIC: what is it good for? Can I switch it off? apm : hot laptop, battery status applet, suspend Apm on T23 apr changes and mod_perl/twiki Apt Broken Package Problems apt errors Re: apt issues with gcc? apt problem - ldconfig segmentation fault apt question APT Questions apt-get - unmet dependencies apt-get -f install question.. Apt-get dist-upgrade threatening to remove 1500 files - SOLVED apt-get distupgrade wants to remove my whole system apt-get remove doesn't remove daemons apt-get upgrade changed desktop from kde to gnome Re: apt-get upgrade changed desktop from kde to gnome (RESOLVED) apt-move has 'deep emotional' issues Re: Apt-proxy v2 hang-ups aptitude changelog says "new upstream release" ? aptitude refuses to install gcc and a few other things ARRGH defoma-hints also not working :-/ Re: How can I check if defoma is working correctly? asus a7n8x built in nic and intel pro 100 S nic Re: asus m6wr At a loss for PATH.... At a loss for PATH...... Athlon 64 Architecture ATI 3D acceleleration and dpkg-divert Attempting to create internal Debian mirror - Jigdo fails. auctex, C-c C-c calls only latex Audio/Video Editing program auth.log webmin[xxx]: Timeout of admin Auto reply message: Casino Support cannot except email attachments Auto Response: Re: Yahoo! Automatic / Pushed Updates Autorizar dhcp available disk space displaying error? (df) Backuppc bandwidth management bash completion does not work over ssh except as root bash profile does not get loaded? Bastille-firewall Best Way to Share Printers? Re: Best Way to Share Printers? - Thanks BIG mail box... binary compatibility between 2.4 and 2.6 kernels bind in jail? bind9 and cache BitTorrent Clients blackbox broke Bluefish keybindings Bluefish upgrade ... '404 Not Found'. Bluetooth activity prevents new ttys from being created Boding y ifenslave BOOT Bootloader for Sarge Re: Bootloader for Sarge - partitions BRAZIL breakin help Bridging problem Browser Based E-Mail Re: bug I submitted noT showing bug I submitted now showing Re: Bug#101728: ifupdown: Using logical mappings only Build Kernel Error Bult kernel, but still running old one. C code to multiplex small voice packets into IP packets c question The last update was on 20:01 GMT Sun May 20. There are 3813 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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